24 Flavor Macarons Collection -24 Pack

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Sample all 24 different French Macarons flavors by choosing this collection.

this box includes flavors such as 

1) dark chocolate, 2) vanilla bean, 3) salted caramel, 4)raspberry, 5)pistachio, 6)birthday cake, 7)key lime pie, 8)coconut, 9)lavender, 10)rose, 11) mango, 12) passion fruit, 13)rocky road, 14) coffee, 15)butter pecan, 16)red velvet, 17)blood orange, 18)chocolate strawberry, 19)earl grey tea, 20)green tea, 21) s’mores, 22)cookies and cream, 23)cookie dough, 24)blueberry

Allergens- Tree Nuts(Almonds), Soy, Milk, Eggs